Friday, June 22, 2012

It finally looks like a house!

We went by the house yesterday and I snuck by there again this evening. Yesterday the roof was on and all framing on both floors was done. We also had a front door. Today I noticed some black and silver hose looking things (I have no clue what they are, lol) hanging from the ceiling and the pipes for the kitchen and bathrooms were there. I forgot the camera both days so the cell phone camera pics aren't that great. One question for any Milan owners or builders: my husband thinks my closet (the one thru the bathroom) seems smaller than what we saw in the model and based on the floor plan. Does anyone else feel that way? I have no concept of space and measurements and it is way bigger than my closet now so I really can't tell the difference. I asked a few days ago how often do you guys reach out to your PMs; we haven't spoken to ours since the pre construction meeting but I am okay with that because we go by the house every few days so we can see the progress so we really haven't had a need to contact him. I'm sure he isn't complaining about not hearing from us, lol. We have neighbor that will probably close around the same time as us and we were wondering how we will be able to determine the property lines after they are finished building both....I guess that is a question we can ask the PM.....

part of the master bath and my closet
 master bedroom (I'm standing right in front of the bathroom)
 hubby's closet
 that's our daughter, Khamani, standing in her room
 standing in the loft
 guest room
 other side
 this was written on the living room floor
I believe it says "$250 for not sweeping"
I have no clue what these are called, lol
 more of the.........
 these looked the same as the other but were black, not sure wha they are either, lol
top of the unidentified "thing" in the ceiling
 pipes for hall bathroom
 pipes for master bathroom


  1. Hi! I think I know what you mean visually about your closet. I am making that one mine too since it felt larger than the other master closet. I was only in it once since it was built, so maybe once it's drywalled it will have a different feel of size to it. As far as communicating with our PM, he calls us every Friday to let us know what was done that week and what will be done the next week ahead. You should definitely call him at any point if you have questions!

    So cool to see your pics bc we have the same layout and our daughter will have the same room as yours too!!! I noticed that you have a window in your master bath. That's awesome! We should have added one in there...

    Can't wait to see the rest of the process and selections!!!!

    1. Hi Summer! We didn't add that window in the bathroom, it came standard. I'm not sure how I feel about that window though. I have to figure out what type of blinds or something for privacy.....I sent our PM a text today and he said everything was going well and we would be in touch soon to schedule our pre-drywall meeting. I did forget to ask about the closet but I think I will just wait and see how it looks after drywall. We are the only Milan so far in our neighborhood so I have enjoyed reading about yours!

  2. I believe those silver things are part of your HVAC unit.

    1. thanks! I knew someone would know, lol

  3. The silver things look like snakes! lol CMM is right! It is part of your HVAC unit that they will thread through the ceiling and other areas in the house. They usually run up the same area of the house. Check out the copy your Milan floor plan and you will notice areas that are blacked out on all three levels. This is where the HVAC system is housed on each floor.