Thursday, July 12, 2012

So much progress, so little time.......

I went by the house yesterday and the cabinets, doors, vanities, sinks, and other misc items where all in the garage. They had already started painting and all of the drywall had been sanded (I think that's what it is called). The concrete for the steps and walkway had also been poured.

Pics from Wednesday
cabinets in the garage

 doors in the garage

sink for hall bathroom

 family room

 living room and hall closet

Master Bathroom tub

Mast Bathroom shower

banisters in the garage

 front steps and walkway

Fast forward 24 hours and this is what we had this evening when we went by. There were even a few workers still there and it was after 7pm.......

kitchen cabinetes

island cabinets

hall bathroom

Master bathroom vanity (the mirror is also up)


we have window seals 

garage door 

steps and walkway


  1. Xmas in July!! I love your stoop and banister!!

  2. Wow everythin looks so good...

  3. Looks good! Do you mind me asking which neighborhood you're in? We just signed a contract for the Holladay Hill neighborhood in Glen Allen, but I'm pretty sure that's not where you are! :)

  4. Amanda, we are in Oakley's Chase in Highland Springs.

  5. I can't wait until we get to this stage! Cabinets look great, you must be so excited :)

  6. Thanks! We are really excited. It finally looks like a house in the inside now. It seemed like it took forever to start building but the building time has flow by. It really seems like if you blink, you will miss something, lol